• "Never Get Back" EP Released Dec 2nd, 2016

"Terence Jack's soulful sounds really brought the Ponderosa crowd together and parted the rain clouds, literally.  Terence totally slaps you with that down home blues vibe and gets people's feet stomping. A talented gentleman with a heart of gold."

-Kia & Kris,


Terence Jack emerges with an energetic and refreshingly authentic sound on EP Never Get Back. Never Get Back is driven with a West Coast rock energy, calmness, and integrity that comes from his road-worn travels. The EP is packed with epic dynamics, big builds, and heartfelt stories, presenting Terence Jack at his strongest to date. It’s a hooky album with a polished sound, yet it never loses its inherent rawness and honesty.


The EP opens with the punchy “Eastern Rise”, an instrumentally rich  anthem filled with undulating keys, a rock gospel groove, and a nod to classic rock ‘n’ roll. The movement and spirit of a life on the road are woven into Terence Jack’s songs.  Never Get Back moves between catchy numbers (“Errors”, “She Flies Down South”) with choral swells, cascading guitar riffs and danceable beats to the more introspective numbers (“Lay It On The Line”, “Never Get Back”) where Terence Jack’s soulful timbre and flourishes become wrapped in a polished wave of synths and intricate guitar melodies.  The triumphant anthems are as dynamic as the quieter, more introspective songs. It’s a balancing act and Terence Jack makes it look easy.


Being no stranger to the road, Terence Jack’s travels have informed his writing and the transformative nature within his music. Terence Jack has played to audiences across the country alongside The Arkells, The Matinée, Plants & Animals, and Black Lips. Terence Jack has performed at Rifflandia, Otalith Music Festival, Squamish Valley Music Festival, Ponderosa Arts & Music Festival, Stanley Parks 125th Birthday Festival as well as solo across Canada on VIA Rail’s Artist on Board program.


Terence Jack and producer Daniel Klenner (We Are The City, Hey Ocean, Tourist Company) experimented with new tones and grooves for Never Get Back. Terence Jack’s band: Jeremy Appleton (bass), Cam Stephens (drums), Djavin Bowen (keys); has an infectious energy, and luckily, the record does the live show a good deal of justice- the band genuinely sounds like they’re having fun together. Their no-nonsense approach emanates from their performances and the album alike.


After a busy spring touring Never Get Back coast-to-coast across Canada, Terence Jack enjoyed a busy 2016 summer festival season playing at: Oliver Sunshine Festival, HIATUS Music Festival, Harmony Arts Festival, Edge of the World Festival, Rogue Fest, Lillooet Harvest Festival, and Rifflandia Music Festival. As the days get shorter, Terence Jack will head back to the studio to work on writing his next full-length record, due for release in 2017 with the support of a European tour.


Come get sweaty, feel a heart pour all over you and share some earnest rock ‘n’ roll endorphins with Terence Jack.



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