Leaving on a Train - Spring Tour

I'm chugging along Eastern bound across Canada this fall on a train. I'll be on the train with Via Rail and lurching my way all the way to Halifax and back. Traveling by train has always been one of my favorite means of traveling and so this is a very special trip in particular. Visions of prairies and the colors of fall through the Rockies and pulling into Halifax with the old Maritime buildings. Meeting people of all ages from all over the world and sharing stories and lessons. 

Tour dates


Revolution is Coming - The Story Behind Run

I recall cycling out to this rice terrace in Laos just before dawn. I spotted some big eared cows and a little shack perfect for musical inspiration. The backdrop was a these ginormous limestone cliffs and long-eared cows in the foreground.  I posted up to watch the sun rise and wrote the song "Run". I had just spilled out of Cambodia days before so had fresh memories of museums with horrific glimpses of the genocide during the Khmer Rouge. It's something that flew sort of under the radar at the time and was so recent ending in the late  70's. I go back there often and just walking the city of Phnom Penh you can feel the ghosts that still walk the streets asking to be remembered.